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Casino Game Playing Strategies

casino strategyWhen you play any casino game online you will notice that different players will have their own opinions and views on what are the best ways to play each game, to give them the best winning chances.

With this in mind we have dedicated a section of our website to showcasing you the best playing strategies on a whole host of different casino games.

You will of course need to be aware that all of the major online casino game software companies who design and supply the gaming platforms to online casinos, have taken the necessary steps to ensure the games they supply are completely random.

Whilst you will not find rigged games online from any of our rated casinos, there are many ways to play most casino games and fruit machines that will ensure you get the maximum winning opportunities.

With this in mind all of the playing strategies we will be introducing you to will be based on the gaming suites supplied by these major companies, which are Playtech, Microgaming, IGT Interactive and NetEnt.

Playing Casino Games Perfectly

Below you will find information and an overview on all of the different casino games that we have covered in our casino game playing strategy guides, feel free to follow the links below for an in-depth and informative guide to playing each category of casino game perfectly and optimally.

  • Blackjack Playing Strategy We have a special section of our website which is dedicated to the world of online Blackjack play, as you will know there are a huge number of different Blackjack games available to play online and to get the best winning opportunities, you need to put into play a well thought out and fact based Blackjack Playing Strategy. This will mean you need to track down the best Blackjack variants to play along with knowing how to play every hand you have been dealt optimally.
  • Slot Game Playing Strategy You may be a little surprised to learn that many players adopt their own Slot Game Playing Strategy, even though slot machines are completely random, and with no real way of being able to predict the outcome of any slot playing session you play, we do have a few playing hints and tips which should increase your winning chances should you get the urge to play any kind of slot machines online.
  • Roulette Playing Strategy When you are looking to improve your winning chances when you are playing casino games such as Roulette, you need to be aware that Roulette systems and usually a waste of time and can be very costly to follow when the wheel is not spinning your way. However there are a few steps which you can follow all of which are listed in our Roulette Playing Strategy section of the website, that will ensure you do not end up playing the worst paying variant of the game!
  • Video Poker Strategy To the untrained eye, there are no real differences between the many different Video Poker games that can be found and played online, however nothing could be further from the truth. You need to be aware of what each variant of Video Poker offers you by way of the winning payouts and the games long term expected RTP, and this is all explained in full detail in our Video Poker Strategy section of the site.

Using Bonuses to Increase Your Winning Chances

The one aspect of choosing to play at any online casino site that you are always going to come across is casino bonuses, there are a huge number of different types of bonuses that will be offered to you at all casinos, and these are of course offered in an attempt to get you to sign up and start to play at that respective online casino site.

It is of course worth noting that online casinos are not charities, and as such these bonus on offer are going to be structured in such a way that you are going to be tied into play through requirements, which if you have never come across a casino bonus offer before means you will not be allowed to cash out any winnings made with such a bonus until you have churned and played the bonus and often the deposit you made to qualify for that bonus dozens of times.

You really will need to study the small print and the terms and conditions of any casino bonus you like the look of, for not all of them are as generous as they first appear once you have studied and understand the play through requirements.

Also be aware many bonuses these days will come with a maximum cash out rule, which means you can only ever win and cash out a certain amount, and this is a killer for anyone who has had a successful gaming session, for even though that player may have won thousands these sneaky little rules means you can only cash out a small percentage of your winnings!

The savviest of online casino players will never take a casino bonus, but will instead stick to a rigid playing strategy whereby they only play the best paying casino games by virtue of the house edges and payout percentages of those games, whilst at the same time playing the casino game with optimal strategy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that at online casinos powered by the four major software providers, those being NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT Interactive and Playtech, they will allow you to play any of their casino games, usually with the exception of their progressive games via a free play mode.

Should you want to put any casino game playing strategy to the test, but without risk, then this is the best way to get in lots of practice, for by playing for free you can get hours of experience under your belt in regards to the game you are playing, and when you are good and ready you can then switch over to playing that game or games for real money.

Also by playing for free you can master the intricacies of not only playing casino games but get a good understanding for how the software platforms all work and operate.

Money Management

Do have a look at all sections of our website covering the many different kinds of playing strategies you can put into play when playing any casino game online, and also have a look at our Money Management part of the website which will give you a few ideas of just how much you should be wagering on each game you play based on your available bankroll!