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Roulette Strategy

Online RouletteBefore we introduce to you the best way to play Roulette online, we should let you know that there never has been and never will be a guaranteed sure-fire way to win when playing Roulette. You need to forget about winning systems you may read or hear about in regards to Roulette, for all of these winning systems and doomed to failure due to the majority of them being based around the Martingale system.

For those of you who are unaware of the Martingale betting system, it entails you placing a wager on an even money paying location on the betting layout and if that bet loses you then double the value of the wager on each subsequent spin until you win.

A long series of wagers will obviously result in you busting out your bankroll or reaching the table limits, and as such you will never be able to complete the system and make a profit.

There are ways in which you can reduce your losing chances when playing Roulette online and this is quite simply by you selecting a Roulette variant to play which comes with a playing structure whereby the house edge of that variant is reduced to as low as possible.

There are a huge and growing number of different Roulette games available to play online, and by making the wrong decision on which game you should be playing, then it can be quite costly, and with this in mind we would like to present to you a range of facts and figures surrounding many online Roulette game variants offered by the top online casino software companies.

Selecting the Best Roulette Game to Play

The top four online casino gaming platforms are those offered by Microgaming, IGT Interactive, Playtech and NetEnt, and when playing at any of the many online casinos utilizing these software providers gaming suites you will come across several different variants of Roulette.

Below are the Roulette variants offered by these software providers, and we will show you which Roulette games they offer and which ones are worth playing and those Roulette games best left well alone!

  • Microgaming – You will find many different variants of Roulette offered at Microgaming software powered sites, however many of the variants they offer are simply graphically enhanced versions of their original games. You should avoid playing games such as their Roulette Royale game for this a progressive game on which you are obliged to place a 1.00 bet on each game you play in the hope of winning a range of bonus payouts, however that additional side bet will eat away at your bankroll over time!

    The best game to play at Microgaming powered casinos is the French Roulette game, which has the lowest house edge of just 1.35% on all even money paying wagers.

  • Playtech – The software company Playtech has plenty of different Roulette variants readily available at all casinos using their gaming platform. One game which may seem attractive when you first see it, but one that offers a terrible house edge is the Mini Roulette game, just 13 numbers are in play on its wheel, but due to the payouts when playing this variant the house edge is massive and works out at a whopping 7.69%!

    Once again much like at Microgaming powered sites Playtech’s French Roulette game offers the best winning chances by virtue of the game play rules in regards to the even money paying wagers.

  • NetEnt – Online casinos utilizing the NetEnt suite of games are accessible without you having to download any software onto your computer, and they are instantly loading games which can be played in seconds.

    You will of course come across a wide range of different Roulette game variants on offer including both the European and French variants however the game you ought to be playing is once again the French Roulette game due to the even money paying locations offering a house edge of some 1.35%.

  • IGT Interactive – You may be tempted to play games such as Hot Streak Roulette when playing at an IGT Interactive software powered online casino, for this game has a side bet wager which will see you winning a range of bonus payouts that grow in value when certain groupings of numbers spin in repeatedly.

    However forget about placing that side bet wager, for even though you could win some fairly large payouts when placing the side bet wager, that bet has an enormous house edge of 9.04% which is way higher than the even money paying wagering opportunities house edge!

Playing Perfect Roulette Strategy

One part of playing Roulette is that you have full control over which betting locations on the betting layout that you can place wagers on, and depending on which locations you bet on will determine whether you are going to be playing a low risk, low reward type of playing session or the opposite, that of course being a high risk, high reward type of session.

The amount of cash you have available to play Roulette with needs to be taken into account, and as such you should adjust your stakes to take into account what type of session you wish to play. So if you like to select Straight Up numbers, namely picking one individual number in the hope it will spin in then the best way to play these bets is by keeping your stake levels modest.

Should you prefer to play more conservatively, then it will be the even money paying betting locations you should be wagering on such as the Red or Black betting options, or even the 2 to 1 paying locations such as the columns or dozens.

One sensible betting strategy is to keep your total stakes on any one spin to around 5 or 10 percent of your bankroll, as by playing this way you will be able to play plenty of spins during that session, rather than lumping your entire bankroll on one spin and run the very real risk on busting out after just one game played!