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New Jersey Online Casinos and NJ Gambling Sites

New JerseyAfter what has seemed like a life time, the time has now come when anyone who is living or residing in the US State of New Jersey and is of the legal age to do so, can now log onto one several fully licensed and regulated online casinos and play any type of casino game they chose to play as a real money player.

Whilst the majority of casino game players will of course still want to have the enjoyment of visiting a land based casino and experience real life gambling opportunities.

Should you wish to play casino games from the comfort and safety of your own home without having to make a trek to a land based casino site and you live or reside in New Jersey then you are able to do just that and instantly.

List of New Jersey Casino Sites 2022

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It does of course go without saying that you may have a lot of questions you need answering in regards to how an online casino works and operates, and with this in the forefront of our minds we have put together many New Jersey online casino articles, new stories and general information that will allow you to get a much better understanding of every aspect of this brand new online gambling environment.

Ensuring State Boundaries are Respected

As currently only players who are physically based in the New Jersey State boundaries, you are probably wondering just how does any online casino offering their services to New Jersey payers is actually able to tell where a player is accessing that online casino site from.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission has ensured that every single online casino site that holds one of their gaming licenses has in place something known as Geo Location software installed on their website and gaming platform.

This small yet robust piece of software enables any online casino that is licensed by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to be able to block access to anyone who is accessing any of their licensed sites should they be living outside of the State boundaries.

This is a very important part of any online casino licensing process for by ensuring that it is only New Jersey residents and citizens that can access and play at those casino sites that all US State boundaries are going to be honoured and respected and anyone living outside those State boundaries will not be able to access or play the casino games offered by any such casino site.

New Jersey Licensed Online Casino Sites

There are currently only half a dozen land based casinos whose online casinos that can offer their casino games to players living or residing in the US State of New jersey and if you are wondering just which gambling companies have been awarded such a licensed then these are listed below for you.

The six currently fully legal online casinos that are owned and operated by land based New Jersey casinos are: The Tropicana Casino and Resort, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Bally’s Atlantic City and Caesars Atlantic City.

Should you be interested in playing at any of the above named casinos online casino sites then all that is required for you to do is to visit the website of the respective casino that is of interest to you and then follow the direct website links to their online casino section of that site.

Should you not be in the New Jersey State area when you are accessing their respective websites then you do need to be fully aware you will probably not be able to see, view or access the respective online casino section of the website.

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission

New Jersey Casino Control CommissionThe State Government department who have been tasked with overseeing every aspect of the new online casinos that are available to residents of New Jersey is of course the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure they have been able to put in place a very robust and reliable framework to allow them to be able to fully regulate any online casino granted one of their gambling licenses.

In much the same way as they have been licensing and fully regulating all land based gaming operations in the State of New Jersey since their inception, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission will hand every aspect of the day to day regulation of all online casino sites under their jurisdiction and overall control.

Should at any time you require any additional information on how  the New Jersey Casino Control Commission regulates such online casino sites, or should you have any type of complaint regarding any online casino they have licensed then you are required to visit their website or contact them directly to submit your complaint.

In fact it may pay dividends for you to actually visit the New Jersey Casino Control Commission website and follow the links to the Gaming Enforcement Division online casino section of their website for it really is a very comprehensive source of information and will answer any additional questions that you may have about how they work and operate.

New Jersey Casinos Latest News and Information

We are going to keep you fully up to date with all of the latest New Jersey online casinos news and information, and as such no matter what questions you may have in regards to playing online casino games in the US State of New Jersey we will have all of the answers to those questions on our site, so do feel free to have a good look around.

As online casinos licensed in Nevada are additionally permitted to accept customers based in Delaware then one question a lot of people are asking is that Will New Jersey to become an Online Gambling Hub? It is increasingly looking like New Jersey will offer their fully approved and licensed online casinos to more and more potential customers in other US States, however there is the small matter of taxable revenue sharing to be overcome and discussed!

You may be wondering are there really any Benefits of Playing at a New Jersey Licensed Online Casino site, for with their being a casino located not too far away from most people’s homes throughout the State of New Jersey, why not experience the delights of real life gambling instead of pinning your hopes on a random number generator determining whether you are going to have a winning session of a losing one!

One aspect of playing online casinos games online at any site licensed in New Jersey that you will not have to worry about is The Fairness of New Jersey Online Casinos, for the actual way in which the casino games, random number generators and online casino software has been certified ensures you will always have a level playing field and will not be making any game fairness compromises when playing at any such site online.

You can walk in any land based casino venue in New Jersey and instantly exchange your cash for casino chips, or feed your bank notes and coins into any slot game and play instantly, however you may be wondering How do I fund a New Jersey Online Casino Account, for at this moment in time there is no way for you to feed your bank notes into your home computer!

You may be wondering just how many and what type of New Jersey Online Casino Slot Games can be accessed and played online, well we have some very good news for you if you are living or residing in New Jersey for you are able to play just as many, if not more games at any online casinos holding a New Jersey Casino Control Commission license and as such you will have hours of fun and winning opportunities if you decide to play at any such sites online!

New Jersey and Gambling

The US State of New Jersey has long been associated with legal land based gambling, and much like other US States such as Nevada, gambling in New jersey was instigated legally in the hope that not only could the increase the State tax yields but also in the hope that they could attract new businesses and visitors and therefore increase the overall attraction of the State to many people who may never have thought of visiting it before.

New Jersey legalised land based gambling back in 1977 and this was when a framework was put in to place to allow the newly formed New Jersey Casino Control Commission to be in a position to regulate and license the industry fully.

Whilst New Jersey has indeed gone from strength to strength the State as a whole has always been very forward thinking and this is why they have chosen to become one of only three US States to now offer gambling companies based in their jurisdiction to offer online gamblers the ability to be able to play casino games online.

The structure required for licensing and regulating online casinos is similar to the way land based casinos are licensed and regulated, however extra checks and double checks have had to be put into place due to the very unique ways online or remote gambling as it is also known works and operates.

However as the framework is now in place, and the New Jersey Casino Control Commission now have the ability to ensure every aspect of an online casinos operations are fair and above board, whilst also with them being able to ensure only New Jersey State residents and citizens can access these online casino sites, plus with them additionally being able to ensure no one under the legal age to gamble can access and play at their licensed online casino sites for real money, the coast in now open and this should be a sure fire revenue raising exercise for the State!

The addition of online casino gambling opportunities for anyone in New Jersey really is a long term commitment for New Jersey as a whole, and it is hoped that in the coming months if not years they are going to be able to offer New Jersey State licensed online casino sites to residents of other US States.

This is of course going to take time and effort, however with the strong leadership and technical know how of everyone involved in the online gambling environment working for and consulting New Jersey regulators, once the hurdles have been overcome then you are going to find the boundaries are dropped and anyone, no matter where they live in America should, one day very soon be able to play casino games online for free or for real money perfectly legally.

New Jersey Online Poker Sites

It is not just online casino games that you can now perfectly legally play from home for real money if you live anywhere in the US State of New Jersey, you will be able to log on and play at quite a diverse range of online poker sites, and if you love nothing more than playing poker and fancy giving it a try from the comfort of your own home, then have a look through any of the following New Jersey poker site news and information stories that will enable you to make your own informed decisions on just which poker sites you should be joining up to!

There are several online poker playing questions being asked by New Jersey State residents and we have answers to many of the most commonly asked questions such as What Poker Games Can I Play Online In New Jersey, Can I Play Online Poker Tournaments in New Jersey and How Easy is it to Play Online Poker in New Jersey.

We also have some additional new articles that you may find helpful including What Online Poker Platforms are Available to US Players and Are New Jersey Online Poker Sites Fair. Have a good look around our website for all of your New Jersey Legalised online poker related questions will be answered!