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The 10 Most Common Myths About The Game of Roulette

Common Roulette Myths

The game of Roulette is one of the most famous in the casino world. So let us break through those myths and know the truth about the popular game of Roulette.

Sometimes it is hard to wade through the facts and the myths about roulette. It is a great game to play once you know how, so let's start by debunking some of the myths.

1. There is only one type of Roulette on offer.

Fact: There are actually three types of Roulette that can be played, each with its own style and nuances. While French and European roulette are more similar to each other, they have their small differences.

American roulette is a whole different ball game. It has 38 slots, with two 0's. The European and French versions of the game are played on wheels with only 37 slots, including one 0.

2. It doesn't matter which version of Roulette I choose to play, the house edge is still the same.

Fact: There is a big difference in the house edge depending if you play the American or European/French versions of the game. Due to the American roulette table hosting two green 0 slots, there is a greater chance of the casino being lucky enough to get the ball in the green slot. In other words, casinos running American roulette wheels have a 5.26% advantage over the player, rather than a 2.7% advantage.

3. Casinos love the extra edge, so there are lots of American roulette games out there

Fact: The higher house edge has the opposite effect on the provision of American roulette games than you would actually expect. There are not many roulette tables scattered throughout Las Vegas and other American gambling centers because casinos know that players will just not be interested in the higher house edge. Roulette can be found much more abundantly in European casinos for that reason.

4. French and European Roulette are pretty much different names for the same game

Fact: Although they are similar in the look of the roulette table itself, to see the real differences between European roulette and its French counterpart, you need to look beyond that wheel. The big difference actually lies in the outside betting set up. Officially called La Partage, the rule for French roulette is that when you make an outside bet and the ball lands on the zero, you as the player receive half your bet back. It definitely makes it worthwhile over time for those who are roulette regulars.

Now that we have blasted the myths about the types of roulette out of the water, let's take a look at some other common misconceptions.

5. Numbers that haven't come up for a while are more likely to come up than those that have been regulars

Fact: This is a myth that has absolutely no substance to it. In fact, every single spin of every roulette wheel in casinos across the globe, random. That's what makes this game so much fun. You never know what you're going to get.

6. There is a mathematical equation that will help a player work out where the ball will fall next

Fact: This is just mathematically impossible. If each spin of the wheel is random, as we have mentioned above, then there is no way of creating a mathematical equation that will tell players which numbers are best to choose. The shame is that lots of people don't realise this fact. They spend hard earned cash on buying mathematical systems that they think will help them win the game. Money that could otherwise be spent elsewhere; like the roulette table of course.

7. If you are winning, you'll just keep on winning

Fact: Unfortunately, players on a winning streak sometimes get a little over confident. As mentioned above, every spin of the table is random in the game of roulette. This means that at some point in time, someone on a winning streak will lose. The essential thing to remember here is that, if you are lucky enough to be winning, bet with your head not your heart. That way, if you bet within personal limits, you won't lose all that much when it comes time for that random losing spin.

8. Casinos rig their roulette wheels

Fact: This is one of those myths that in days gone by may have been a fact. Maybe when the Mob ruled the casino scene, roulette wheels were sometimes messed with. Legends abound of tables being tilted, and all other types of tricks. These days, casinos are so wary of keeping their licenses they would never dare rig a wheel. So you can be sure that whether you are winning

9. A player can beat the house edge

Fact: The unfortunate fact is that no, a player cannot beat the house edge. Some players believe that they can trick the house with a particular 50-50 bet and have the advantage over the casino. This is not a possibility in any of the versions of roulette. The house edge can of course be reduced by playing the European or French versions of the game. But other than that, the only way to win at the game of roulette is to bet big and then have the luck to win big.

10. The designer of the roulette wheel, mathematician Blaise Pascal made sure that the total of the numbers on the wheel would add up to the devil's number!

Fact: The fact is, that if you add up all the numbers on the European or French roulette wheel, you get the number 666. The Christian Bible quotes the number as being that of Satan, thus giving roulette a bad name! The point is, there is no proof that Blaise Pascal was invoking the devil, and even if we wanted to ask him, it's a little late!

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