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Wynn Resorts CEO And Boston Mayor Meet At Undisclosed Location

Marty Walsh and Steve WynnBillionaire and Wynn Resorts CEO and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh have had a public battle over the proposed $1.7 billion Wynn Everett casino for a number of months as both sides were unable to find common ground to settle their disputes. Recent reports confirm that Steve Wynn and Mayor Walsh have finally met at an undisclosed location this week to see if they could finally sort out their differences.

The city of Boston and Mayor Walsh strongly opposed the casino as they believed the licensing process was manipulated by the state gaming commission and that the proposed casino would cause significant challenges to the state.

When it became apparent to Walsh that Wynn Resorts was not going to change its plans, he decided to file a lawsuit against the state gaming commission.

Steve Wynn had gone on record to state that he found Mayor Walsh and unreasonable man and a person he could not negotiate with. He was also critical of Mayor Walsh’s approach as he felt that the Wynn Everett project was being targeted unfairly and stated that if anything his company should be welcomed for the number of benefits it was going to provide to the city of Everett.

Judge Janet Sanders from the Suffolk Superior Court heard both sides of the argument and in the end decided to dismiss Mayor Walsh’s allegations stating that they were hyperbole and irrelevant. The state gaming association have also ignored Walsh’s request to not issue a critical environmental permit to Wynn Everett and have already given approval for the license. It appears that Mayor Walsh’s campaign to stop the Wynn Everett proposal is being taken apart slowly but surely.

While it is not clear which side initiated the meeting, it appears that the discussions were fruitful according to Mayor Walsh. In a statement, Mayor Walsh said

I think there’s been some good headway made in the last couple of weeks and months here, and we’re going to continue to move forward and see what we can do. We had a good conversation.

However Walsh would not confirm if he would drop all charges as he still remained firm in his beliefs that he was fighting for the people of Boston and would not let anything roll him over. The Mayor till date has spent over $1.25 million of taxpayer money on his legal proceedings against the Wynn Everett project.