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Video Poker – Video Poker Real Money casino sites

video pokerThey are two things that you need to do when playing Video Poker online to ensure you get the maximum winning opportunities, the first thing is to find out which Video Poker games have the best pay tables and as such offer the highest payout percentages, and when you find such a game then you need to play with perfect strategy.

Below we have listed for you the best paying top 10 Video Poker games based on the payout percentage offered on each variant listed.

  1. All Aces Video Poker – The All Aces Video Poker game comes with a truly massive payout percentage and this is certainly one game you should be looking to play whenever you get the chance, it payout percentage by the way, when you play this popular game with perfect strategy is a massive 99.92%!
  2. Jacks or Better Video Poker – You will find that the standard pay table found on the Video Poker game of Jacks or Better will return, when the game is played with perfect strategy, a payout percentage of a quite generous 99.54%.
  3. Joker Poker Video Poker – This Video Poker variant which can be found at a lot of our featured online casino sites comes with not only a payout percentage of 98.60% when you play it perfectly, but it also boasts an extra card in the deck which is a wild Joker card.
  4. Deuces Wild Video Poker – The multi hand video poker game is one of the better paying Deuces Wild Video Poker games and when playing it perfectly you can expect over the long term, a payout percentage of 99.37%. Be aware that all two cards in play on this game are wild cards so they will help you form winning hand combinations when you are playing this Video Poker variant.
  5. Tens or Better Video Poker – The Tens or Better Video Poker game comes with a pay table that awards payouts when you have formed a hand with at least one pair of tens in it, the payout percentage offered on this game with perfect strategy is a generous 99.14%.
  6. All American Video Poker – The All American Video Poker game comes with an addition gamble game where you can try and increase winning payouts, the payout percentage offered on this game with perfect strategy is 99.38%
  7. Double Bonus – Once you learn how to play the Video Poker variant that is Double Bonus Poker then you will find it comes with a fairly decent payout percentage of some 99.11%, however you do need to put into play perfect playing strategy to get that payout percent, and whilst this game also has an optional gamble game you should never opt to take it as by taking the gamble game option it will have an effect on the payout percentage you are getting and often it can make the payout percentage you are getting drop if you take the gamble game and lose on it!
  8. Bonus Poker – If you are looking for a new and exciting Video Poker game to play online for free or for real money, then one that is always worth you checking out is the fast playing and fairly high paying Bonus Poker Video Poker game which comes with a very reasonable payout percentage when played perfectly of some 99.17%.
  9. Aces and Faces Video Poker – Make sure that you try out the Aces and Faces Video Poker game when you next fancy playing this popular casino games as when you play this variant with perfect strategy, which is not that very hard to learn, then it comes with a payout percentage of 99.26%, so that will ensure you always get plenty of winning chances and opportunities when you are playing it.However remember never to take the gamble option when it is offered after you have been dealt a winning hand, and when playing this or any other Video Poker game listed always play with the maximum number of coins in play as this ensures that you always get the chances of winning the enhanced top prize jackpot payout when you are dealt the best ranked hand as is listed on the games pay table.
  10. Double Joker Video Poker – The Double Joker Video Poker game comes with not one single wild Joker card but two of them! The payout percentage offered on this game with perfect strategy is a generous 98.10%, not the best paying game by a long shot but one with a higher payout percentage than most online slot games!

Video Poker Questions and Answers

Not every casino game player is going to be attracted to the Video Poker games, for unlike slot games for example these types of games require a lot of player interaction and as such players are forced to decide which set of playing cards to hold once they have been dealt out their initial five cards and which ones to discard.

This will entail a player knowing how to play each hand optimally and that is something not all players are prepared to do! However, with the payout percentages offered on Video Poker games being way higher than slot games and in fact the majority of other casino games so those “in the know” players are going to find they get the maximum winning chances when playing Video Poker games online optimally.

Below we have compiled a listing of the most commonly asked Video Poker game questions along with the answers to each of those questions, and this will help anyone new to playing video Poker online to get the answers to any questions they may have and will allow them to go on to make an informed decision on whether playing Video Poker games online is something that they are willing to do!

Which Online Video Poker Game Has the Highest RTP?

If you want to play the Video Poker game which when played perfectly should return, over the long term, a payout percentage of 99.92% then you need to play the All Aces Video Poker game found exclusively at online casinos that utilize the Microgaming gaming platform.

Is the Gamble Option worth Taking?

As the gamble game offered on the majority of Video Poker games could result in your losing any winning combinations value then it is advisable for players not to take the gamble option, a series of losing gamble games will always have a negative effect of the long term house edge of the game you are playing, and anything that does that needs avoiding!

What Stakes Can I Play Online Video Poker Games For?

You will find a very diverse spread of different stake options on offer on all online Video Poker games, be aware that the coins values along with the number of coins played per hand can be adjusted so playing any variant for stakes you can afford should be straight forward enough.

How Can I Increase My Winning Chances?

The most obvious way you can increase the chance of getting as near to the long term payout percentage of any Video Poker game is for you to play the maximum number of coins per hand, this is usually 5 coins, for by doing so many Video Poker games award an enhanced jackpot payout when played with maximum coin stakes.

Are Video Poker Bonuses Worth Taking?

You will have a huge play through requirements attached to any casino bonus offer which stipulates you can actually play these types of games with that bonus, be warned though that a lot of casino bonuses cannot be used on Video Poker games. Due to the very high play through requirement before you can cash out any winnings amassed during bonus play it is best to not accept a bonus when you intend to play Video Poker games online for by playing without one you can cash out at any time.

What Video Poker Games Should I Avoid Playing?

Any Video Poker game that has a long term payout percentage of lower than 99% should be avoided, also there are a number of progressive Video Poker games which are mentioned in below and if you opt to play those you will be forced to play for very high stake levels and they will not be suitable for low rolling players, so if you do low roll when playing Video poker avoid the progressive variants!

Can I Play Progressive Video Poker Games Online?

You are going to find a small number of progressive Video Poker games available online, two that spring to mind are the Jackpot Deuces Video Poker game and the SupaJax game both of which are available at Microgaming software powered sites. However, when playing these two games the coin values are fixed at 1.00 and you have to put into play 5.00 wagers to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot!

Can Online Casinos Adjust the Payouts on Video Poker Games?

Some online casino operators using certain gaming platforms can adjust the pay tables on their Video Poker games and as such they can indeed alter the long term payout percentages by installing onto any game a low paying pay table. The major and better known software providers have Video Poker games that cannot have their pay tables adjusted and as such stick to playing at NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming software powered sites!

How Do Level Up Poker Games Work?

“Level Up” Poker games require four initial stakes, and as soon as you win on the base hand you then move up to another level where a multiplier increases the payouts awarded on those other hands. There are four levels in total the first pays x1, the second pays x2, the third and fourth levels pay x4 and x8 respectively. However losing on any level stops you climbing up any further and so if you lose on level one then you lose the three other stakes you placed on your initial wager.

Are There any Benefits of Playing Multi Hand Video Poker Games?

Apart from the fact you can win or lose much more quickly when playing multi hand Video Poker games there are actually some pitfalls when playing these types of games, for many multi hand Video Poker games have lower paying pay tables attached to them than the single hand variants, and as such you do need to fully review the pay tables before playing these multi hand games to ensure that you are not getting a lower set of winning payouts, so always do check before you play them!