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Top 10 Novelty Casino Games

You may recognise the following scenario when you are playing online casino games, no matter which casino game you sit down and play, you just cannot seem to hit anything worthwhile by way of a winning payout.

You may be playing slot games and not have seen a free spins feature or bonus round triggering for ages, or when playing card games you just seem to be dealt losing hand after losing hand, well if this is the case when you are playing at any online casino site then it is often the best policy for you to stop playing those games you just cannot seem to win on, and slow the action down, for chasing losses is always a bad thing to do!

One type of casino game that is going to give you a completely different playing structure, whilst additionally ensuring you play at a much more relaxed pace is the range of novelty casino games that many online casinos now offer.

The beauty of playing these types of casino games is that you can play for very low stake levels, and as such you will have much longer playing sessions whilst still having a chance of hitting a big win, and by playing any of them it will enable you to play some games you may never have thought of playing before.

With this in mind we would like to present to you the following top 10 novelty casino games, you will find each and every one of these games on offer at casinos that use Microgaming’s suite of games, and not only are you forced to play them in a real money mode, but you can also have plenty of fun and enjoyment by playing them vi the free play options.

1. Ballistic Bingo

Ballistic Bingo
This game is a fun to play single playing bingo game, on which when you are playing it you have to try and fill in one of our purchased bingo cards as quickly as possibly.

The lower the number of balls called out of the bingo machine and the quicker you complete a full house, the more money you will end up winning!

2. Dawn of the Bread

Dawn Of The BreadThe best thing about playing the Dawn of the Bread game is that is offers you the chance of winning a payout 10000 times as large as your stake money.

When playing this game you need to uncover a set of symbols in a bakers oven and if you get a matching set of three items then a cash prize is awarded to you, what you will find in the oven however are a revolting set of items, so not a game for the squeamish!

3. Foamy Fortunes

Foamy Fortunes

When you choose to play the Foamy Fortune game you will be sat in a batch and you are tasked with popping bubbles formed for the bubble bath in the hope that you find a set of three matching symbols, when you do you will be rewarded with an instant cash prize.

4. Freezing Fuzzballs

Freezing Fuzzballs
This game is going to amuse and entertain you whilst at the very same time it can give you plenty of winning opportunities for small stakes.

You will be cracking open a set of Ice Cubes in the hope that as you do just that a set of three matching symbols are uncovered and there are plenty of them to be revealed!

5. Granny Prix

Granny Prix
The granny Prix novelty casino game is a good old fashioned type of Scratchcard game, and when you are playing it all you have to do is end the game with three of the matching Granny symbols on your card.

There are a range of different cash payouts to be won and one of them is a large 2500 times your staked amount jackpot prize which is certainly well worth you winning!

6. Hairy Fairies

Hairy Fairies
You are going to have a hilarious type of playing session when you opt to play Microgaming’s Hairy Fairies novelty casino games, you have to pick off the screen as many Hairy men folk dressed as Fairies as you can in the hope you uncover a matching set of them.

If you do a range of cash awarded are credited to you based on you total staked amount!

7. Keno

KenoThe game of Keno is another game which you may enjoy playing when the standard casino games are not playing your way, and this game will see you simply trying to select a range of numbers that you will be hoping matches those drawn out of the Keno machine.

The best part about this game is that it can and does award some truly staggering cash payouts if you match the maximum number of numbers!

8. Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers
The Lucky Numbers game is one on which you get not one but two chances of winning on each game you play.

So if you are looking for a truly value packed game offering you double the chances of winning then take a look at how this game works and operated at any Microgaming software powered online casino site!

9. Mumbai Magic

Mumbai Magic
This game is one on which a 10000 times your wager amount jackpot can be won, it is themed around an India type of backdrop and you are hoping a matching set of just two symbols are magically formed on the screen in front of you when you are playing it.

10. Turtley Awesome

Turtley Awesome
The final game which we think you should consider playing at Microgaming powered sites is one on which a team of surfing Turtles can award you a range of winning payouts simply by you clicking on them!

Do checkout this game for it is a whacky and slow paced game offering a plethora of ways to win!