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Top 10 Casino Card and Table Games

Insist on playing only the top casino card and table games when you are having a gamble at an online casino, as by doing so you will always get the best winning chances when playing, as those games described as the best games to play will come with the lowest house edges which will equate to you always having the best winning opportunities, below are the top 10 casino card and table games which can be played at any and all of our top 10 casino sites.

  1. Blackjack Casino Card Game – There are more Blackjack games that you can ever wish for available instantly online you can play them for free or for real money, two to consider playing are Microgaming’s very low house edge Classic Blackjack game along with Playtech’s low house edge game of Blackjack Switch.
  2. Baccarat Casino Card Game – You will find that most online Baccarat games all come with a similar house edge, but make sure that when you play this game the payout for the Tied Hand wager is at least 8 to 1, if it is any lower than that then the game offering it will come with a higher than average payout percentage.
  3. Roulette Casino Table Game – French Roulette is the one variant of the game of Roulette you ought to be playing online it has a much lower house edge than the American and European variants and as such offers better value and more winning opportunities.
  4. Craps Casino Table Game – Much like the Baccarat game above there is not too many different in the game of Craps found at different online casinos, however when playing this game look out for casinos that have a game with boasts enhanced graphics as this will give you by far the best playing experience.
  5. 3 Card Poker Casino Card Game – The payouts attached to both the standard wager you can make on the casino card game of 3 Card Poker and also those attached to the Bonus Bet wagering option can and do vary at many online casinos dependent on which software is powering that particular site, so shop around for those offering the highest payouts on every possible wagering opportunities that this casino card game offers.
  6. Pontoon Casino Card Game – You will find the Pontoon variants you can play online are identical to those found at land based casinos however always pick one which uses the fewest number of decks in the shoe for the lowest house edge game.
  7. Sicbo Casino Table Game – This game can be quite a volatile one and also you will find a plethora of different betting opportunities offered when you play it, stick to those games offering the highest payouts on every wager type and for the maximum value avoid the higher paying wagers as they usually come with the worst house edge despite those attractive payout odds!
  8. Vegas 3 Card Rummy Game – This game has just been added to Microgaming downloadable suite of casino card games and is a great playing and paying games and one that will appeal to a lot of players. You will also find it on offer at Real Time gaming software powered sites, but those sites are usually found offering lower payout odds on the betting options available on this game and as such you should double check to see if the payouts offered in the casino you are playing at are the best ones online, if not find a casino offering the better odds and play this card game there!
  9. Triple Pocket Hold’em Card Game – One game which is going to be of interest to players who enjoy playing both poker games and online casino card games is this Triple Pocket Hold’em game, now unlike standard poker games where you are playing against other players, this particular casino card game is you playing a head up game against the dealer.
  10. Texas Hold’em Casino Card Game – One final game that is also a newer one and is also going to appeal to poker players and casino card players alike is this Texas Hold’em Casino card game, you can place wagers on several different rounds on the game and if you like the mathematics of the game and enjoy playing poker then this is going to be a game which hits all the right notes for you, so do look out for it at Microgaming software powered online casino sites.