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Steve Wynn Calls Boston Mayor Irresponsible Over Proposed Casino

Wynn ResortsWynn Resorts have secured a license from Massachusetts to construct a mega-casino resort in Everett but has faced strong opposition from the City of Boston and its Mayor Martin Walsh.

The city of Boston has made it clear that it does not want Wynn to construct its Everett casino and has filed a case against Wynn Resorts and the state gaming commission stating that they have violated a number of regulations in order to obtain a state approved casino license for the Everett casino.

Mayor Walsh has also gone on record to state that Steve Wynn had offered him a 9 figure amount in order for him to withdraw legal proceedings and allow Wynn Resorts to proceed as per schedule with their Everett casino project. It took Massachusetts close to a decade to make a decision to allow casinos to operate and industry analysts believe that if the city of Boston continues with its case against the Wynn Everett casino it could delay the project by another 10 years.

The lawsuit alleges that the state showed favoritism in awarding the casino license to Wynn Resorts and also that the proposed casino location would cause significant traffic stagnation in Everett. A judge had earlier rebuked Mayor Walsh for using the lawsuit against Wynn Resorts as a PR tactic to scale his popularity. Steve Wynn has denied offering Mayor Walsh any money and has stated that he has tried to work out a deal with the Mayor so that any differences can be sorted out. Wynn stated that the Mayor was an irresponsible leader who was not willing to negotiate but preferred to go to trial.

In a statement, Michael Weaver a representative for Wynn Resorts said

In his conversation with Mayor Walsh earlier this week, Mr. Wynn made no offer of additional money to the city of Boston. In fact, the city of Boston was awarded a very thoughtful and generous mitigation plan by the Gaming Commission after the city repeatedly refused to participate in a process in which it could have negotiated directly for all of the citizens of Boston, including Charlestown. That package includes $25 million in community mitigation and up to $55 million in Sullivan Square mitigation and improvements.

Steve Wynn has faced more than his share of tough opponents and court battles over the years and has never been one to back down from a fight. The billionaire casino owner reaffirmed his commitment to the Everett casino and said the chances of Wynn backing down from the Everett casino are zero.