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To ensure you have a range of casino sites at which you can play as a real money player any of the slot games we have reviewed and have available as free play games throughout our website we have a comprehensive selection of online casino reviews we would like you to take a look through.

However, before you do so we would like you to enlighten yourself on our strict criteria that we use to pick out casinos to present and showcase to each of our website visitors, as we do not simply randomly select casino sites to promote!

Below you will find an overview of the set of conditions, our checklist and a range of other things we look out for and demand from any casino site we have chosen to list on our website, to guarantee no matter which one you choose to sign up and play at you will be getting a first class online gaming session and a completely hassle free one as well.

Online Casino Rankings

One thing we have tended to shy away from is to give any of the casino sites you find listed and reviewed throughout this website any form of ranking. The reason for that is that each casino site you will find showcased and reviews have met or exceeded our listed criteria, meaning that as a player you will find each of them are run and operated to the very highest of standards.

As there are quite a number of different Casino Licensing Authorities and Gambling Commissions, another thing to keep in mind is that each casino we promote is fully licensed and as such the games you will be playing are fair and each of them are regulated in line with industry standards.

Online Gambling Legality

There are two things that you do need to be aware of in regards to the legality of online gambling based on where you live in the world. Firstly, you will need to be the minimum legal age at least to be able to sign up, deposit and then play at any of the casino sites we have reviewed.

Secondly it will be dependent on where you live in the world as to whether you are going to be able to legally gamble online. As such we have split up several of the casino reviews we have compiled and placed onto our website into different country specific sections, which will make finding a casino site that is licensed in your country of residence so much easier.

Technology and Gambling Platforms

All of the casino games you will find available at any of the casino sites we have reviewed have been supplied by one of more game supplier, however every single game has been independently tested and certified as being completely random games of chance.


You will also find that the random number generators that are used to determine each game have also been certified as producing completely random and unpredictable events, so every game you play will work in line with its game play rules and the payouts that can be achieved in line with the listed RTP’s and House Edge will be achieved over the long term.

You will have three different ways of accessing the casino games available at any reviewed online casino site. You will be able to play them via a mobile gaming platform via an App or via a mobile web browser, or you can accessing those games by a fully downloadable gaming platform or by a web browser compatible instant play gaming platform too.


No matter what type of casino game you are looking to play we are more than confident you will find those games available at any showcased and reviewed casino. The games will be listed in each game category at the respective casino site you choose to play at and there will also be several different variants of the same category of game too.

To comply with current gaming legalisation demanded from several different countries you may also find the expected long term RTP’s and/or the house edge of each casino game and each casino game variant listed somewhere on the casino sites website that you are playing at.

Mobile Casinos

As more and more online casino sites have started to launch their own standalone mobile casino site you are also going to find listed throughout our website a range of mobile casino reviews. Much like their online counterparts they are subject to the same regulation and each mobile casino listed and
reviewed will be licensed and regulated too.

It will be dependent on just which mobile casino site you sign up to as to whether the mobile gaming platforms and casino apps will be compatible with the type of mobile device you own or have access too, however most touch screen mobile devices will e compatible with most gaming platforms.


You do have the ability of playing progressive jackpot awarding casino games at all of our featured online casino sites. Please be aware however that the way in which those jackpots will be paid out with you will be dependent on the terms and conditions attached to the casino site you have chosen to play at.

Some casinos will payout any jackpot payouts in one lump sum once the jackpot has been verified, whilst some other casino may send out you jackpot payout in daily, weekly or monthly equal amounts.


There are of course a large range of different types of casino bonuses that will become available to you as soon as you have registered as a new player at any on our reviewed online casino sites.

However, every single casino whether an online or mobile casino site will have their own terms and conditions in place regarding how you can use the bonus credits you have been awarded with. It is your responsibility to ensure you adhere to those terms and conditions and do not breach or break any of the rules in regards to using bonus funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to gamble for real money?

All of the features and reviewed online casino sites of which we do have many showcased and listed throughout our website are going to allow you to test out any of the games in a demo mode version of each game. You may however find that some casinos will not let you play any progressive jackpot awarding games for free due to the live jackpots offered on those games.

2. What currencies are available?

Multi-currency options are going to be available to you at many online casino sites. It is worth remembering that you should always select the currency option that is in use in your home country when singing up to an online casino site as that will then ensure your deposits and withdrawals are
not going to be subjected to any currency exchange rates fluctuations.

If your home currency is not available at any online casino site then you may be given the option of using any of those that are available, subject to the terms and the conditions in place at the casino you are signing up to.

3. What are the payout time scales?

The period of time you will have to wait from the moment of you requesting a withdrawal from any online casino site account until that payment has been sent back to you and received by you can and will vary depending on just which casino site you sign up to and the method you have chosen to make your withdrawal using.

Always select a withdrawal option that will see you paying no excessive fees and also one that will enable you to get paid out all of our winnings quickly and in full.

4. Do I have to gamble for high stakes?

You should always gamble responsibly and always ensure that when you are about to make a deposit the amount of cash you will be depositing into any online or mobile casino site is an amount you are prepared to lose.

You will of course be able to choose the stake levels you play any online casino game for and every single game available will have its own minimum and maximum stake levels. So make sure you find a range of games that you can afford to play.

5. Can I set my gambling limits?

There have been many changes in the last few years in regards to player limits, and one thing that many online and mobile casino sites are required to do by law when supplying real money games to players is to have a set of player adjustable limits on offer.

As such if you do think you are going to have any problems gambling or may end up gambling more than you can afford to use then we would suggest that you make use of the gambling limit features you will find on offer and available at most casino sites.