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Live Dealer Roulette- Top 10 Live Dealer Roulette Casinos

Live Dealer RouletteIf you have been playing Roulette at any online casino or have been playing Roulette at one of the many new mobile casino sites that have been going live in recent years, then you may have experienced a run of losing spins in such a quick succession that you have been left doubting whether those games are as fair and random as they should be!

Whenever you have had a losing session playing Roulette and have experienced a very unusual run of numbers spinning in, more so if you have not placed any bets or wagers on those numbers you will often be put off playing those games again.

All online and mobile casino game designers go to great lengths to make sure every single game they launch is fair and random, and this will include handing over to a third party game testing company their software and game files to allow those companies to verify and then certify those games are completely random, however Roulette being the game it is you are also going to have some losing sessions which you have hoped to avoid having!

In recent years some casino game designers and developers have look at ways to give players an even greater feeling of fair play when they play their range of games, and this has led to many of them launching live Dealer Roulette games.

These games are played in land based venues and use high definition video streams broadcast from those venues on which a real life Croupier will be in control of the game and players are then able to place their wagers onto the Roulette tables form their own homes or wherever they happen to be remotely.

If you are looking to play real life Roulette games but without the need to visit a land based venue then below we have compiled a questions and answers type of guide that will hopefully answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding playing these types of games online or on a mobile device.

  1. What Live Dealer Roulette variants are available?You will find all to the more well known Roulette game variants are going to be on offer at selected online and mobile casino sites that offer a Live Dealer suite of casino games. You will find some casinos offering the American Roulette game but due to the high house edge you should avoid those games and stick to playing the much lower house edge games such as European or French Roulette instead.
  2. What happens if my mobile goes flat?If you are playing Live Dealer casino games and your mobile device goes flat that you will not lose out as any bets or wagers on the game are kept in play and will be paid out if you win, any balance you have in your casino account will also be still available when you recharge your mobile device and log into the casino again!
  3. What are the chip value settings?You are going to find a very large spread of different stake options available to you when you choose to play Live Dealer Roulette games online or on a mobile device, you ill often find that many online casino sites have several different rooms available and each one will offer a different stake and chip option setting so low or high rolling players will always be very well cater for.
  4. Will I earn comps?You will earn comps on every single real money roulette wager you place on any Live Dealer Roulette games, the amount of comps and the redemption rates will vary from casino to casino.
  5. Can I use bonuses on Live Dealer Roulette games?Bonuses can often be used on Live Dealer Roulette games but always check through the terms and conditions of any bonus you have claimed or are thinking of claiming as the play through rules and terms and conditions will vary from site to site.
  6. What game play buttons are available?All of the usual Roulette game play buttons and controls will be on offer at live Dealer Roulette sites and as such placing bets and wagers will be seamless.
  7. How do I chat to other players?There is a chat room attached to all live Dealer Roulette games and if you do want to say anything to any other player then simply use that chat room to talk to those other players. The chat room can be turned off if you do not wish to talk to anyone else when playing Roulette in a Live Dealer format.
  8. Is there a fast play option?You will not be able to speed up the game play of Live Dealer Roulette as it is the Croupier who determines when he ball will be sent into live play, so you will at least be playing Roulette at a more relaxed pace when playing Live Dealer games. And will never be forced to place your bets and wagers too quickly.
  9. Are the games completely fair?You will not have any doubts as to the fairness of any Live Dealer roulette game you choose to play online or on your mobile device, for as you are always able to very clearly see the Croupier launching the ball spinning around the Roulette wheel and also as you can clearly see the ball in play at all times you will be accessing completely fair and random games when playing Live Dealer Roulette!
  10. How fast will I get paid my winnings?It will be the casino site you are playing Live Dealer Roulette that will determine just how quickly you will get paid when you have made a winning ahs out from any mobile casino site. Please stick to playing at any of the casino sites we are showcasing throughout this website as each of them have a first class reputation and will always ensure that after you have had a winnings session and have requested a withdrawal they will pay you very quickly indeed.