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Live Dealer Poker – Top 10 Live Dealer Poker Casinos

Live Dealer PokerThere are two different types of Live Dealer Poker game you are going to be able to access and play online or via a mobile device, the first is the standard poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha Poker games which are played in a standard Poker playing environment.

The other type of poker game variant you will now find being offered to you are the casino poker games. If you do enjoy playing any type of poker games but want to play them in a much more interactive way online or on your mobile then please take a look through this Live Dealer Poker games, for by doing so you will be able to judge for yourself whether they are games you will enjoy playing.

You will notice that when you do log into any online casino or poker site offering Live Dealer games you will, when you launch any of the games on offer, see a small box on displayed on the games screen this will spring to life more or less instantly after you have launched the game and the game window has loaded onto your computer or mobile and you will then be fed a live video stream of that game being played in the land based venue.

You will be presented with the betting layouts underneath or at the side of the live video stream box and that is where you will be clicking or tapping your bets and wagers onto the betting layout when it is your turn to place your bets and wagers.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions relating to playing Live Dealer Poker games and underneath all of them you will find the most relevant answers to those questions, so do keep on reading for the answers to many of your questions relating to Live Dealer Poker can and will be found below!

  1. What Live Dealer Poker bonuses can I claim?You are going to be impressed with just how many bonuses are going to be coming your way if you wish to play Live Dealer Poker, but as always the savviest Poker players should be looking for the bonuses that give them the best value and as such always compare the offers and casino bonuses available to you as by doing so you will soon be able to spot the ones offering the very best playing value!
  2. Are comps on offer to me?Poker comps are going to be coming your way when you play any real money Live Dealer Poker games online or on a mobile device, the actual number of comp points you will be earning and the redemption rates used for turning those points into real money playing credits will however vary from site to site so hunt around and stick to the sits offering the best values comp clubs.
  3. Do I have to interact with other players?Live Dealer Poker games will have a little chat room box attached to them and as such if you do wish to say anything to the other players sat around the table or talk to the Dealers of those games then the chat room is where you are going to be able to do just that, however always act sensibly and do not annoy your fellow players, you can turn the chat room feature off if you do not want to have it activated whilst you are playing!
  4. Who licenses Live Poker sites?You will find there are several different licensing authorities who license online poker and casino sites, and you should always make sure any site you are thinking of joining holds a full gaming license!
  5. How do I know the games are fair?By sticking to licensed sites you are going to have access to fair games all of the time, the licensing authorities and gaming commissions will oversee each casino and poker site to ensure their games are always fair and play as they have been designed to do!
  6. Is there a disconnection safe guard?You will find that if you are ever disconnection when playing any Live Dealer Poker games then the house rules will kick into force and your hand will be played out as per those rules.
  7. Can I play Live Dealer Poker games 24/7?Some sites only offering Live Dealer Poker games at certain times of the day or night, however more and more of them now give their players access to games which are up and running twenty four hours a day and as such you will have no difficulties in finding a site to play at when you get the urge to play!
  8. What Live Dealer Poker games are available?If you can think of a poker game then there is a very good chance that the game you are thinking of is going to be on offer at one or more sites, take a look over the website of any site that you like the look of as it is on their websites that you will find a full overview of all of their available Live Dealer Poker games.
  9. Can I test out the games for free?You will find that Live Dealer Poker games are only accessible via a real money mode this is due to the limited number of playing position on any poker table. So you should have no difficulties playing for real money but you will not have the chance of playing those Live Dealer Poker games in a free play environment!
  10. Are Live Dealer Poker Tournaments available?There are a few sites that have started to roll out a range of daily and weekly Live Dealer Poker Tournaments, and you will find that entry fees for taking part in those tournaments can be very low and also the prize pools that are up for grabs and on offer can be quite high in value, and as such do consider taking part in some of them as the winnings are always there for the taking!