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Live Dealer Blackjack – Top 10 Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Live Dealer BlackjackYou are going to be interested in playing at casino sites that offer a suite of Live Dealer games once you fully understand how those game play, pay and operate. By playing these types of casino game you will never have to be left at the mercy of a random number generator as the game’s outcome with be determined in the usual way, namely your hand has to beat the Dealers hand, however a real life Dealer will be dealing out your cards.

When you log into any of our listed and approved online casino sites and access their Live Dealer Blackjack games you will instantly be fed a live video stream from the land based casino or gaming venue that is hosting the games and will be able to watch the games playing out, you will also see the cards being shuffled and not only being dealt out in front of you, so you will get a much greater sense of fair play.

To help you get a much better understanding of playing live Dealer Blackjack online, below you will find a range of questions asked by players thinking of playing this type of casino games for the very first time and underneath each of those questions are the most relevant answers.

If you do then wish to give live Dealer Blackjack games any amount of play time make sure you take a look through our website and take note of the new player sign up bonuses offered by our featured casino sites as by making full use of those bonuses you will be able to lock in a lot of extra playing value.

  1. Can I count cards playing Live Dealer Blackjack?Unlike when you are playing standard online casino games, as the live Dealer Blackjack games are being played with real cards dealt out of a real show then you will of course be able to keep track of the cards dealt out and as such you will be able to count cards in this type of playing environment!
  2. What stakes can I play for?The stake levels in play at all live Dealer casino sites are going to vary, however what you will find is that when you log into any casino site offering these types of game you will be able to pick from several different rooms and each one will offer a different range of stake options. If you are looking to play for very low stakes or play for very high stakes then all of the casinos listed throughout our website offering a live suite of casino games will have game son offer that will suit your gambling bankroll and your own unique personal playing style.
  3. Can I test the games for free?You are not going to be able to play Live Dealer Blackjack game in a free play no risk environment, this is due to the games on offer only having a limited number of player position around the Blackjack tables and as such those places are reserved for real money blackjack players only. However, having said that you will be able to play for low stakes and you will also be able to watch and be a spectator without the need to place any wagers onto the Blackjack tables.
  4. How do I interact with other players?There is a chat room feature attached to every single Live Dealer Blackjack game that you will find offered at most online and mobile casino sites, and by typing in messages in that chat room you are going to be able to interact and talk to all of the other players sat around the live Dealer Blackjack table you are playing at and you will also be able to talk to the Dealers dealing out the cards if you so wish.
  5. Do Live Dealer Casinos pay quickly?You are going to experience very fast winning payouts whenever you play at any of our listed and approved live Dealer casino sites, it will of course be dependent on just what method you have chosen to be paid by that will ultimately determine just how quickly you get paid, it is often the case when you withdraw your winnings to a web wallet that you will experience the fastest winning payouts as those withdrawals do not have to go though the banking system!
  6. Which casinos have the most Live Dealer Blackjack games?You will find that most online and mobile casino sites will have a fair number of different Blackjack game variants, however we would suggest you open up a few accounts at different casino sites using different gaming platforms as some casino have more games available than other sites.
  7. What happens if I get disconnected?Should; you get disconnected for any reason then if you are half way through a game or have placed a wager on nay game which then starts the game will be played out as per the disconnect rules attached to the game and the casino at which you are playing at.
  8. Are Live Dealer Casinos Licensed?All of our listed online and mobile casino sites have been granted a full gaming license and as such you can play at all of our listed and approved casino sites safe in the knowledge that there are of the standard required to obtain such a license.
  9. Can I earn comps?You will find each casino site offering live Dealer Blackjack games and any other form of Live Dealer games will offer you access to their comp club, however be prepared to shop around and compare those comp clubs as some of them are more generous than others!
  10. What Live Dealer Blackjack bonuses are available?There will be no shortage of different bonuses that you are going to be able to claim as a new player or a regularly player at casino sites offering a suite of Live Dealer casino games including Live Dealer Blackjack, the best valued ones to claim are usually the deposit match casino bonuses!