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Live Dealer Baccarat – Top 10 Live Dealer Baccarat Casinos

Live Dealer BaccaratOne casino card game that does get more attention from playing in land based casinos than online players is the game of Baccarat. There have often been many questions asked why the land based versions of this game are more popular than online and mobile versions of the game, and the answer to those questions is always that when playing in a land based venue you get a much greater feeling of fair play.

When playing online or for that matter mobile versions of this game you can rattle through and play off a very large number of hands per session, way more than you could ever hope to play in a land based casino, and the more hand splayed off the more unusual runs of losing streaks you could experience.

Whilst all online and mobile Baccarat games are fair and random, player of this classic and age old casino card game prefer the more relaxed way it is played in a land based venue. This has led to many online and mobile casino sites now launching a range of live Dealer Baccarat games which enable players to play Baccarat remotely from their home, offices or absolutely anywhere they have an internet connection but their bets and wagers are placed onto a life Baccarat game.

You are fed a live video stream form the land based venue where that game is being played and as such can watch as a real life Dealer deals out the cards and you can then place your bets onto those tables form your computer or mobile device, and can also chat to those Dealers and any players also involved in that game via a chat box feature.

Below are several questions first time live Dealer Baccarat players have and we have also answered those questions fully below underneath each of those questions, so please do read on and you should find all of your questions answered below.

  1. Are the Dealers fully trained?The Dealers who will be dealing out the cards to you and shuffling them at any online casino sites offering Live Dealer Baccarat games are all fully trained this does of course mean they know how the games work, play and operate and as such you will have just the same high standard of gaming experience as you would if you chose to visit a land based casino and play the Baccarat game offered at those sites!
  2. What are the payout odds?The payout odds are going to be the same on Live Dealer Baccarat games as the odds found in land based casinos and as such a winning Bankers Hand pays out at odds of even money less a 5% house commission and the Players Hand will pay out at odds of even money with no house commission to pay, but the Tied Hand payout odds can and will vary depending at the site you are playing at.
  3. How much do I have to wager per hand?You will be able to play for any stake value that you are comfortable playing for, all Live Dealer Baccarat games will have their own table stake limits listed alongside the games in the game menu and as such you should pick out a table and room to play in that has the spread of stake options that best suits your bankroll and playing style.
  4. Can I bet on all of the hands?You will be able to place a bet on all three hands when playing Live Dealer Baccarat, however you are best off sticking to placing just one bet on one of the hands as the house edge increases if you choose to play all of them more so with the Tied Hand being wagered on as that hand has the very highest house edge.
  5. What disconnection safeguards are there?If at any time you find that you have been disconnected when playing Live Dealer Baccarat games then there will be some special rules in place at the site you are playing at and as such any live hands in play when you are disconnected will be played off as per the house rules and all winning and losing best will be paid out or removed from your casino account balance as normal.
  6. Can I claim and use bonuses?You will have plenty of different types of bonuses that are available to you if you choose to play Live Dealer Baccarat games online or on your mobile device just make sure the bonuses you do decide to make use of and claim and then utilize have fair terms and conditions attached to them!
  7. Will I be accumulating comps?You will be earning lots of comp points when playing real money Live Dealer Baccarat games but there may be some differences in regards to just how many points you earn per site and the redemption rates for turning those points into real money credits depending on the casino sites you choose to play at!
  8. What deposit options are available?You will be able to transfer money into any casino sites offering Live Dealer Baccarat games or in fact any type of live Dealer casino games by using one of several different depositing options, you can use web wallets, pre paid vouchers or debit and credit cards at most online and mobile casino sites.
  9. Are all live Dealer Casinos fully licensed?All of the casinos we have listed upon this website do hold a full and valid gaming license, and as such every single one of them adheres to a strict code of conduct and they are therefore the only sites you should be playing at!
  10. What game play option settings are there?You will be able to turn off the chat room feature, adjust the screen size and also turn off or adjust the Live Dealer Baccarat games sound effects when playing online or at a mobile casino site, and there will also be plenty of other adjustable option settings available to you to allow you to tailor your own unique and tailor made gaming sessions.