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Las Vegas Dims Replica Eiffel Tower To Support France

las vegas shows support for franceParis, France was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks on Friday night that caught the city off-guard and left more than a 125 people dead, 299 in critical condition and many others injured.

The terrorist attacks were methodically planned and reports confirm that 7 out of the 8 attackers, used suicide vests to blow themselves up.

A number of countries have expressed their sympathy and support to France and the people of Paris. Las Vegas decided to show their support by dimming their replica Eiffel Tower and turning the High Roller into the colors of the French flag which is blue, white and red.

A number of Las Vegas locals also held a small candlelight vigil and had a minute of silence to show their respect for the people who lost their lives in Paris.

The state of Nevada also issued a high alert status in light of the Paris attack but there were no apparent changes to security procedures at the casinos. The Homeland Security division stated that they were keeping constant tabs on intelligence reports and confirmed that there were no known threats to Las Vegas at this point of time. Local police were also collaborating with security partners at the casinos to ensure everyone was vigilant at all times.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval stated that he had informed both Homeland Security and the Department of Public Safety to carefully monitor the situation and keep him informed of the situation at all times. In a statement, Sandoval said

My heart is broken by the tragic news of today’s horrific attacks in Paris. As Americans, this is a time of the year when we reflect on all that we are grateful for, and today’s tragedy should remind us that life is precious, and that each day we are given with our loved ones is truly a blessing.

Nevada’s security levels were at ‘bravo’ prior to the Paris attacks and continued to remain at the same level after the attacks according to Sgt. 1st Class Erick Studenicka who is a spokesman for the Nevada National Guard. Code bravo is an alert that states there is significant risk for terrorist attacks to take place. The McCarran International Airport continues to be on high alert even though there are no flights going to or returning from Paris.