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Blue Horizon Casino Cruises Opens Doors To The Public Yet Again

Blue Horizon Casino CruisesThe Blue Horizon casino cruise liner recently announced that it had sorted out all technical issues that forced the cruise liner to shutdown operations in July 2015 and confirmed that it will be open to the public from the 30th of October. The casino cruise liner starts from the Port of Palm Beach and can accommodate up to 600 passengers on board.

The troubled cruise liner was forced to drydock in July after the cruise liner experienced problems with both its engines and also complained of communication issues after it was hit by lightning at the Riviera beach seaport.

The cruise liner is an old vessel and the owners initially had plans of replacing the engines towards the end of 2016 but due to constant issues decided to shutdown operations and make a $1 million investment to get new engines on board.

The process of installing new engines and doing a pilot run appear to have gone down well and as a result, the company decided to open its doors to the public without further delay. The cruise liner will operate day casino trips that encourage both tourists and locals to come on board and play in a floating casino. Customers will be able to play a number of popular casino games including poker, blackjack, slots, bingo and other electronic games.

This was the third time that the company had to try to make a success of the cruise liner and this time around managing partner Robert Weisberg is confident that the company has a good chance of turning this around. Weisberg stated that although the initial estimate to install new engines was around $1 million, the company ended up investing $2 million to install new engines and technology to make sure that the customers get the best possible experience.

In a statement, Weisberg said

We refurbished the whole boat. It’ll be good for the next 20 years as we’re committed to be here for the long term

The 160 foot casino cruise liner will said from 11 am to 7 pm on a daily basis, except for Monday and will provide brunch and dinner cruise options to customers.

Blue Horizon is already promoting a special promotion for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year which includes the cruise, food and drink and access to the casino. Tickets are priced between $30 to $60 per individual.